E) Embryo monitoring

The cells in the fertilised eggs divide every day and are inspected each morning by the Embryologist, who will monitor and change the solutions bathing the embryos on a daily basis to ensure the best conditions to help them grow. The nurse will update you on a daily basis by telephone to keep you informed of the progress of your embryos. The healthiest embryos will be chosen to be replaced back into the womb. Once the embryos are ready for replacement you will be notified by the nurse. In O&G Partners Fertility Centre, the laboratory (Embryonics International) where the embryos are grown is situated next to the OR / ER Operating Theatre as the laboratory and its environment have to be very clean. It is a restricted place and only authorised personnel are allowed in. This is important because eggs, sperm and embryos are being handled and nurtured in the ART laboratory. You will be given a report from Embryonics International after the program is over.

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