H) Pregnancy Test

A blood test is performed about two weeks after the embryo is transferred. This test indicates whether a pregnancy has resulted from the treatment. Sometimes some vaginal bleeding may occur even though you are pregnant so it is important to come for the pregnancy test. Injections and oral medication will be given to support the developing embryo if the pregnancy test is positive. An ultrasound scan is arranged for two weeks after the positive pregnancy test to confirm the presence and the number of embryos that have successfully implanted, and to ensure that the pregnancy in the womb.

The 2 week waiting period before the blood test for pregnancy can be a trying and stressful period for both partners (especially the wife) and it is advisable that your schedule should be as light as possible. As multiple eggs have developed in the ovaries you may have a sensation of fullness in the lower abdomen. You may feel tired so ensure that you have a good diet and plenty of rest at night. Your doctors and nurses are trying their best to achieve the desired result for you. Do not hesitate to tell them any worries that you may have. Remember we are always available and more than happy to help.

It is important to realise that not every cycle results in a successful pregnancy. Failure in one cycle does not mean that you have a reduced chance of success in the next. Your doctor or nurse would be available to counsel and advise about subsequent treatment in case of an unsuccessful cycle.

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