Clinic Opening - 20th March 2004

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5 East Labour Ward Sisters
Dr. N.Q.Chen
Dr. K.W.Chin
Dr. K.Y.See Tho & Dr. Nikki
Dr. Amy
Dr. Jothi & guest
Dr. Jothi & guest
Dr. F.K.Lim & Dr. L.C.Foong
Prof. Ng talking to guests
Watching the lab videotape
Serono reps
Dr. P.Yong & Prof. Ng
Friends from NUH O&G Dept.
Accountants & Dr. Chen
Mr. K.Saito, Mr.C.Y.Loi, Dr. Chen
Dr. S.Chew & Dr. F.K.Lim
Ms Lily Tan & Ms Jue Eng from NUH
Prof. Ng, Mr. Tan Swee Siong, Ms. Jean Xu
Salbiah, Ivy Lim,Yoke Ying from labour ward
Vivien & SienSien from labour ward
Flowers from our friends
Prof. Ng & Dr. P.Cheng
Flowers from our friends

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